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We are specialising in wedding & portrait photography.

Our portfolio built upon people real life stories by documenting every single details from little smile, candid, emotion, so that you can cherish back those day you celebrated with your loved one. It's the little moments that bring meaning to life.

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I highly recommend you book Patrick for your next shoot. We did family photos during our holidays in KK and we absolutely love the results. I requested for something more natural, candid and less-posey outdoor shots and they turned out fantastic. We had a cranky 8 month baby and despite this we managed to get some great (and v smiley baby) shots together - Patrick was very patient and easy going! I’ve had a lot of compliments from friends too. Another positive is that Patrick very quick to edit and send the photos to you. We did the shoot on a Monday afternoon and received the final product by Wed morning! Very happy with our decision to go with Patrick. You will not be disappointed.

Craig & Kim

한국인들을 위해 한국어로 작성하였습니다. 구글검색을 통해 우연히 패트릭을 알게되었고 페이스북 메신져를 통해 예약후 부모님과 함께 가족사진을 찍게 되었습니다. 부모님을 모시고 하시는 촬영이라 많은 걱정을 하였지만 페트릭의 도움으로 우리가족은 인생샷을 남기게 되었습니다. 코타키나발루를 방문하는 한국분들께 강력히 추천드립니다. 우리가족에게 잊지 못할 감동을 남겨준 패트릭에게 다시한번 진심으로 감사드립니다.


Finally uploaded all the wedding photos! A very big thanks to our awesome photographer Patrick Kok, we were very thrilled when we saw the photos for the first time, and what impressed us the most is that he is able to capture MOMENTS at the right place, at the right time, even though it only happen at a spilt second

(p/s: actually our venue is quite challenging for shooting as the lights were quite dim and Patrick is able to nail it too, highly recommended <3)

Ben & Shirley

Patrick was one of the best decisions we made with regards to our wedding. His photographs were wonderful and really captured the feel of the wedding. Looking at them now was like reliving the day! Thank you Patrick!

Christopher & Michelle

Indescribably thrilled with the Patrick's Photography! It was very enjoyable to watch all our wedding photos when we received them. The photos were fantastic! Many of our friends and family enjoyed the photos very much too! Thanks to Patrick's professionalism, we get to have our treasured memories stored in beautiful photos! Thank You Patrick for all the hard work and creativity! God Bless!

Raymond & Joanne

Patrick is one of the rare photographer that insist in using natural lighting to bring out the beauty in every single image that he captured( that's why we love his work ), he has the sense of how the outcome would be like in his mind even before hand gave us the confidence to trust in his works, and the results for the few projects we had with him is more than pleasing, though his rate is a little higher than usual photographer around kk, but he is not stingy to go the extra miles for you, trust me, you'll never question his rate once you see the outcome! My experiences? don't save penny to have a permanent memory that last a life time!


The best decision we have appointed Patrick for our family photos and our son's 1st year birthday party. His work really captured the fun had by everyone at our party, as well as the uniqueness of everyones personalities. He's friendly, helpful and reliable. I'll absolutely recommend him!


Jason Lim JYWow this is beautiful!

Madeline Lim May Szin : Right, I tell u! When it was shown that night, tears welled up in my eyes.

Jason Lim JY : The pictures are very very well shot. Captures all the emotions. All at the right moment. Amazing.. One of the best wedding vids I've seen!


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